The Birthday Clown

We are joining in a neighborhood Garage Sale this weekend. So far, seven households are participating. In preparation, John and I have been sorting through bins and boxes in the basement...


Umbrellas at the Ready

It’s days like today when one is grateful for a good brolly collection. Following nice weather on Memorial Day we are back to rain again today. Fortunately Dan, Jack and I are well...


Birthday Animals

I believe everyone should enjoy their birthday month, and not just the day (personally, I find it impossible to fit all necessary celebrations of myself into 24 hours). So, even though...


Back To Pilates

Although John’s attendance has tapered off, I have tried to keep up with the weekly Pilates class. My diligence was rewarded with my photo being chosen for the cover of the class schedule...


Inspired Color

The color of our kitchen cabinetry sometimes seems to be a soft and mellow yellow. John calls it ‘primrose.’ However, depending on the lighting and time of day, and perhaps your mood...



The landscrapers arrived yesterday afternoon! The view out our back windows of the stone yard is finally going to change. One by one, the stones will be employed to build patios, steps...


Painter’s Quarters

Over the weekend we had some good Friends visit: Maureen, Steve, Cameron, and Julia. Their visit was scheduled some weeks ago, and we expected to have our new bedroom painted and carpeted...

live. enjoy. repeat.

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