The Foragers

Recently, I told John about an interview I heard on National Public Radio that I thought would interest him. The interviewee lives in New Jersey and has written a book about local weeds...


Certified Occupants

You probably know already that Dan and I need little reason to get the cocktail shaker out. Yesterday evening, however, we had real cause to celebrate . . . we received our FINAL approval...


Table Decor

John and I saw some very colorful table settings at the Architectural Digest Home Show recently. The ‘Dining By Design’ installations were a feast for the eyes and great conversation...


Time For Artwork

With the kitchen walls now painted, Dan and I decided it was time to hang a couple of favourite items that hung in the pre-Destruction kitchen. Our red Telechron Minit Master wall clock...


Kitchen Challenges

We recently got to enjoy our kitchen with the simple pleasure of having friends over for dinner. But, the evening came with a couple of challenges. Our guests did not show up empty handed...


Witch Hazel Therapy

The yellow flower of the witch hazel is something John and I look forward to seeing each year. It brightens our spirits in early March, just when the winter season seems never ending. This...

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