Raising The Bar

Remember those coat hooks we kept moving from one wall to another during The Destruction (see May 22, 2012 posting ‘Temporary Exhibit’). Well, we eventually ran out of wall space to...


Sound Check

It’s not everyday we get to visit a recording studio. On Monday John and I stopped by the Downtown Music Studios in SoHo to check on a project we are invested in. It was fun getting a...


A Cool Classic

One of the most satisfying things I’ve done recently is repair our old fridge. I was particularly pleased afterwards when Dan told me he didn’t think I’d be able to fix...


Brash Idol

John didn‘t mention my favorite part of the evening in his last posting about reconnecting with Lulu — the performer his Gran considered to be a little brash back in the...


Kitchen Miscellaneous

On Friday John and I collected bins filled with our kitchen stuff from a neighbor’s basement. Our pots, pans, utensils, glassware, etc. have all been in storage since our old kitchen was...


Passing Storm

The weather forecast for the weekend was bleak. The newscasters were promoting a huge winter storm with heavy snowfall, high winds (up to 60 mph), and downed power lines — again. So...


Monopoly Moves

Dan and I continue to play around with furniture pieces in the new breakfast area as we try to figure out exactly what we want in terms of table and chairs. You may recall that we’ve been...


For A Valentine

John and I recently caught up with Nicole at a cafe in the East Village. She is back at NYU after school break. We gave her a bracelet that was intended as a Christmas gift, but since we...

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