Skip Away

I mentioned something to one of the contractors the other day about the ‘skip,’ and he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. I quickly revised my sentence, replacing the...


Kitchen’s Open

John made a final visit to our charming kitchenette on Monday… before it was dismantled. Everything is gone now, including the kitchen sink. We can no longer see into the basement...



We never know when our next offer of entertainment is going to come. Yesterday afternoon, I was preparing for a wild Saturday evening painting garage door panels when we received a call...


Big Box

“I can’t believe it’s finally here!” our friend Will exclaimed when he ran into his house after school. A new refrigerator had arrived. Will’s parents could not be at home today...


Then And Now

So far, this winter’s weather is as easy to deal with as last year’s. We’ve had hardly any snow, and few days with very low temperatures. On Sunday the temperature here reached a...



For the first time, I am writing two consecutive blog entries as Dan is busy updating drawings for our house. Our town requires a set of “as-built” drawings before our final...



When Jack was barking at 8:00 AM yesterday morning my first thought was that the contractors were here; but it was Sunday. Then John reminded me that our friend Ming had promised to push a...


Nurturing Well-Being

Someone from our Pilates class told me this morning that I look good and seem relaxed. It was a nice compliment to receive. One way Dan and I intend to nurture well-being for ourselves in...

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