When Jack was barking at 8:00 AM yesterday morning my first thought was that the contractors were here; but it was Sunday. Then John reminded me that our friend Ming had promised to push a...


Nurturing Well-Being

Someone from our Pilates class told me this morning that I look good and seem relaxed. It was a nice compliment to receive. One way Dan and I intend to nurture well-being for ourselves in...


New Year Intentions

Reading the previous posting (Kitchenette Countdown), you might think we had exhausted all the ways to cook an egg in 2012. But before the year was out, John squeezed in another egg...


Christmas Stories

Kids seem to hold a special key that unlocks the spirit of the holidays for the rest of us. It is no surprise that some of my favorite holiday highlights this year were inspired by a 5-year...


Jumping Jack

Jack surpassed himself this holiday season. During our holiday card photo session he provided us with a delightful reindeer pose for our card, as well as some great video content. For...


Ten Years Later

Postponing our big Open House did not stop us from celebrating 10 years in our house. We distilled our guest list to Harriet in the afternoon and a few neighbors in the evening. Harriet...


Pink Martini Tickets

Months ago we learned that the band Pink Martini would be playing with the New York Pops in December. Our friend Cenovia, who is concertmaster with the Pops, knew this would be of interest...


Earning Our Stripes

Fun has been hard to come by this week. The Destruction has put a strain on us. This evening we postponed our Open House. We sent out a mass email with a bit of disappointment, and a lot of...

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