Paint Ready


The stucco work is completed on The Destruction. It’s interesting to see the dark stucco walls and white trim. Once painted, the lights and darks will be reversed; the walls will be white and the trim will be dark olive.

On the original house, some stucco areas that needed attention have been repaired.


The Reliable Stucco guys proved to be so reliable that we are relying on them to paint the exterior of the house as well. In preparation, they power-washed the house today and erected more scaffolding.


In the front, a web of scaffolding conceals the entrance to the breezeway…


causing me to look above the scaffolding at the master bathroom windows and roof details — which I enjoy.


Covered in a uniform coat of stucco, the addition has the sculpted quality that I envisioned; I find it very satisfying.

Around the back, you can see that Stucco Man has been very busy…


only a little patch of white around the bathroom and studio windows has not been touched by him and his reliable co-workers, or affected by The Destruction.


While the stucco is curing outside, John and Jack and I are holed up inside…


enduring cramped and cluttered quarters, and waiting for the day when we can enjoy some much anticipated elbow room.

The great thing about cramped quarters is that everything is within arms reach. John and I looked at paint swatches with the kitchen cabinet door samples that were at the end of the coffee table.


We hadn’t considered some of the shades in combination with the pear colored and walnut wood finishes before, but after Blackberry Bramble cocktails, they were all starting to look good.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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