Park Closes At Dusk


We happened upon the best 25 minutes of the day almost by accident.  John thought it would be a nice time of day to drive along the road that sneaks under the George Washington Bridge — but the gate was already closed.  We were disappointed because the sun was setting and the colors in the cloudy sky were beautiful.

We turned the car around and started to head home.  To do so we had to first go a bit north of the bridge to find our turning.  I spotted some stairs that looked like they might lead up to a place where we could see the bridge and suggested we park the car and check it out.  We had never before explored this side of the bridge.

With our curiosity piqued, we climbed the stairs…

and continued along a fenced in pedestrian bridge with cars and trucks speeding under us.


At the end of the wire fencing, we climbed a few more steps and entered a different realm.

It was like a setting for A Midsummer Night’s Dream.  We wandered along a broad path with thick woods on each side and a canopy of trees overhead. In the deep shade of the woods, the traffic seemed farther away than the stones throw it actually was.  The sound of birds seemed to replace the noise of cars and trucks.  Within moments of entering the path we saw lightening bugs, and rabbits, and a few minutes later, a pair of deer.  John and I were speechless as we walked.

The path led to a clearing, and we began to see the bridge tower between the trees.  We followed the path to a vantage point.


I wish I had my new camera, but at least I was equipped with my trusty iPhone.  The lighting was more beautiful than photos can capture, and the experience of our approach made it all seem magical.


We moved further along the path and found another vantage point — perched on the cliffs of the Palisades, high above the Hudson River.

The view upriver was awash in pink.


We felt handsomely rewarded for following our inquisitive nature this evening.
live. enjoy. repeat.

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