Passing Storm


The weather forecast for the weekend was bleak. The newscasters were promoting a huge winter storm with heavy snowfall, high winds (up to 60 mph), and downed power lines — again. So much for John’s observation that we’ve hardly had any snow this winter (see January 22, 2012 posting ‘Then and Now’).

When the snow started to accumulate on Friday night, John did the first round of shoveling.


Meanwhile, those of us able to tune out the news curled up ready to sleep.


By Saturday morning, our house was covered with 12” of snow.


Since up to 20” had been predicted, 12” did not seem too bad. Once again, we made it through a storm without severe consequences. With a beautiful blue sky breaking through, things did not seem bleak at all.


Jack was as unfazed by the snow as he was by the storm’s coverage in the media.


His morning walk was simply the start of yet another beautiful day.

This weekend’s passing storm seemed to usher in new beginnings. There was a new moon on Saturday night, and Sunday was the first day of the Chinese New Year.

On Monday, the contractors started packing up tools and equipment and loading them onto their truck.


John and I began to appreciate that our house is entering a new phase; soon it is going to be all ours.

Our basement and garage are no longer construction storage areas and workshops. The work that remains to be done is captured on a short list, and will be completed on scheduled visits in the near future. Tomorrow will be the first weekday morning in a very, very long time that will not start with the sound of Tom and Pete turning up for work.

This next phase is as welcome as sunshine after a storm.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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