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Ten years ago I could count on one finger the number of live classical music performances I had attended in my life. Sad, but true. Now I would need many hands to count them all. What changed?

Unbeknownst to Dan and I, when we moved to New Jersey in 2003 we landed in a town that is home to many classical musicians. Over the years we have become friends with many of them and frequently have the opportunity to hear them perform.

Yesterday evening we had the treat of hearing our friend, and neighbour, Cenovia featured as a violin soloist with the New York Pops at Carnegie Hall.


She played Vittorio Monti’s Csárdás . . . beautifully.


It was very exciting for Dan and I to be in this magnificent concert hall to hear Cenovia and other friends and neighbours perform. Last night I needed two hands to count the number of musicians on stage that we know.


We had a great aerial view of them all. Our seats were high up to the right of the stage…


where you would expect to find the two old guys from The Muppets if they were attending.


New Jersey often gets a bad rap, but since moving here our lives have become enriched with music, culture and new friendships.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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