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Although most communications have gone digital, Dan and I still enjoy sending and receiving fun correspondence through the mail. For Mum’s 75th birthday we sent a special card that Dan designed.



When opened, it revealed 75 images of Jack, and space for a personal message in the centre.


Mum loved it.

Although my Mum has not met Jack “in person,” she is a big fan. She got to know him through his holiday cards, photos that Dan and I have shown her, and tales that we have shared.

In recent weeks, Mum has got to know Jack a little better. She recently learnt to Skype and now interacts with him “live.”

Mum is also skyping with her sister Mary in New Zealand. Mum told me yesterday that, via Skype, she showed her Jack-filled birthday card to Mary. Apparently it made Mary laugh.

It makes me very happy that my Mum is now enjoying closer family connections using Skype, especially as this has come about as a result of Dan and me writing a blog. Let me explain…

Last month, out of the blue, Mum announced she was buying a laptop. I was taken aback. The only technological device she owned previously was a mobile phone. She explained that she wanted to be able to send email and… read our blog! I was thrilled and mentioned that she would also be able to Skype.

Given the list of things Mum wanted to do, I redirected her from a laptop to an iPad. With help from a friend Mum was soon up and running, and within a couple of days we were Skyping. It was very exciting.

Soon thereafter, I received an email from Mum saying she had Skyped with Mary in New Zealand — and it was the first time she and her sister had seen each other in more than 10 years! This was heartwarming for me to read.

While this move to digital communication is very welcome, it is still fun to receive something special in the mail. Yesterday Jack received an envelope from a friend.


Inside was a page from Majesty Magazine. Our friend thought Jack would be interested to know that the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, recently acquired a puppy named Bluebell — a Jack Rascal Terrier.


It gave Dan and me a good chuckle. Having experienced Jack’s high energy level, we think the Duchess is in for a lively time.

We’re not sure what Jack makes of the news. Any suggestions as to what he’s thinking?


live. enjoy. repeat.

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