Photographic Memories


This morning I came down to earth with a bump. Our travels were behind us, and I had to put in a full day at work.  Yesterday morning I was driving happily along single track country lanes in England.


This morning I was heading into Manhattan at rush hour over the 14-lane George Washington Bridge.

By the end of my day all I could manage to do was look through photos from our trip.  Dan always takes lots of photos when we travel, and this evening the benefit was immediately apparent.  I was able to relive some of the fun times we had with friends and family such as …

lunch with Detta at Kew Gardens


a rainy visit to the Doone Valley with Mum


drinks with friends


 a last minute arrangement to hear our friend Sophie (right) sing in her choir


an early morning visit to Mark and Bita’s


and acrobatics in their vegetable garden.

I was also able to recall the places we visited


and drove past

some of which were familiar to me but seen through a new lens.

While memories of our trip are fresh in my mind right now, I know they will fade in time.  We will be glad to have our photos to remind us of fun times.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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