Pick Your Own


The term blackberrying refers to the picking of blackberries and, in my mind, usually from a hedge.  It is something I did as a kid growing up in England, and the term is often used there around this time of year.  People say things like “we went blackberrying at the weekend.”  And it’s not unusual to drive down a country lane and see people out of their car picking berries they’ve just spotted in a hedgerow.  Blackberrying is not, however, a term I’ve heard used in the US, and Dan says he’s not familiar with it.

Along one of the walking routes we take in our neighbourhood there are three fruit bushes next to each other — blueberry, gooseberry, and blackberry.  The blackberry bush has taken over as they are apt to do.


Without any guidance from me Jack has taken a liking to the blackberry bush — especially the low hanging fruit.  It’s very amusing to watch his blackberrying technique (click on the ‘play’ arrow below).

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