Pink Martini Tickets


Months ago we learned that the band Pink Martini would be playing with the New York Pops in December. Our friend Cenovia, who is concertmaster with the Pops, knew this would be of interest to us. Dan and I both like Pink Martini, and we always enjoy hearing our friends play.

However, we didn’t buy tickets as we had set December 16 aside for our Open House; we envisioned ourselves too busy during the days preceding the party to attend a concert.

But now with our Open House postponed, and our friends Larry and Joanne visiting, our interest in seeing Pink Martini started to stir. The only obstacle was that the concert was sold out.

It was at this point that I recalled a comment made by Delmar in the film DELMAR — if a concert is sold out you will always find someone outside the venue selling a ticket. With this information in mind I suggested we go to Carnegie Hall prior to the performance in search of four tickets.

We arrived at 6:30 pm. It was slow going at first, but we were comfortable.


Then we got our first break. Someone turned in a single ticket and wouldn’t take any money for it. One down, three to go.


I secured the remaining tickets outside one at a time. I had fun mixing with the crowd and asking if anyone had a spare ticket. It was a bit like fishing, and each time I landed one I brought it in to show Dan, Larry and Joanne who were all very amused. By 7:30 pm we each had a single ticket. This meant that the four of us would be dotted around the concert hall.

I thought I had drawn the short straw as my seat was up in the highest balcony. But, when I got to my seat I had the pleasure of meeting the person that gave us the first ticket.


Her name is Kathleen, and we immediately got chatting. She is from the Boston area and currently in New York for her work. We enjoyed the concert together — it was great by the way — and afterwards Kathleen joined us for a drink at a nearby restaurant. We were also joined by our friend Lorra who had played the concert. It was a nice way to conclude the evening.


I emailed Kathleen the next day and told her that I love her spontaneity and the ease with which she can sit down in a New York restaurant with a group of people she has just met. Her actions demonstrate to me how much fun can be had when one is generous, adventurous, and goes with the flow.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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