Porch Traffic


The top step leading up to our front porch had become very wobbly. In spite of all the renovation work around here our old house still requires attention.

I was tempted to call Eleanor and ask if she could recommend anyone to make the repair (see April 22, 2012 posting “One Step at a Time”), but we knew she has been busy with powerless friends staying at her house.

By the way, we returned our friends Nicole and Jesse to NYC yesterday; power was restored to their dorm and apartment in lower Manhattan.


Today, John took the necessary steps to ensure the climb to our front porch is safe for visitors.


He took out the loose board…


and made a plan to remedy the weak supports under the step.


Jack and I returned from our walk and were the first to try the newly repaired step.

We think the top step had started to weaken under the strain of contractors boots. But it must have been the added strain of foot traffic yesterday evening that really put the wobble in our step.

Power Ranger Jayden, Robin, Kitten…


and Witch Princess stopped by.


In the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, Halloween Trick or Treat night was postponed from October 31st to November 3rd in our town.


A little cow also dropped in.


I loved watching her moove through the kitchenette.


She was curious to see The Destruction, and I was more than happy to show her around.


She was the first little creature with white and dark markings to check out the new oak flooring — but not the last.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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