On The Porch


To finish our session on the front porch, John prepared a fresh, healthy, and sweet dessert: sliced mango with yogurt and honey. We had intended to have a drink on the porch before cooking dinner, but the plan got modified and we ended up spending the entire evening there.

When John suggested it might be too much trouble to prepare steak and mushrooms in the kitchenette; I was quick to offer an alternative…

let’s have a martini, and order sushi to be delivered.

While waiting for the delivery car to pull up with our miso soups and sushi, we noticed Jack’s shadow self seemed to have an increasing interest in our martinis.


At first his shadow was disinterested…


but once it got a whiff…


it was curious to give it a try.


After the shadow puppet show, there was a dinner concert performed by crickets and accompanied by light rain. The porch offered a full program tonight.

But the best part of the evening was spending time together with John — catching up on recent events, interests, observations, and things we are curious about.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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