Positive Outlook


I’ve been wearing my sunglasses a lot the past few days. Not necessarily because it’s been sunny, and not in an attempt to look cool — but because I have a huge sty on the underside of my eyelid. I’ll spare you the photo, but think Quasimodo.

I find closing one eye helps eliminate the blurred vision I have been experiencing. When Dan and I were getting ready to go to The Players’ Guild theatre in our town Friday evening, Dan suggested I wear an eyepatch. I was up for it. Dan quickly found one in our first aid container. In no time pirate impressions ensued . . . aaaaaaargh!


Unfortunately I couldn’t get my eye glasses over the eyepatch, so I went without it. Probably just as well — I would not have wanted to be mistaken as a character from one of the six original one act plays we were about to see.

Interestingly, our favourite play was about an elderly woman who got new glasses that drastically changed the way she saw herself. She went on to become the person she saw, and started living her life to full potential.

It’s no fun having a sty, but I’m looking ahead and picturing myself without one. The sty is less bothersome when viewed as a temporary discomfort.

On Saturday morning Nina had a yard sale. Her use of birthday gift pirate duct tape did not go unnoticed.


I bought a great bike for $20. Despite being down to half vision, I still have an eye for a bargain.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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