Potting Shed


This weekend I had an opportunity to experience what the potting shed at the back of the garage will feel like when completed.  With a name like ‘potting shed,’ you won’t be surprised to learn that this is one area of the addition that I had a big hand in.

The masonry team was back on site last week and built a small wall separating the garage area from the potting shed.


The combined garage and potting shed has a split level design.  This feature makes it an interesting space.  When we drive our car into the garage, our immediate view will be of a 40” high wall.  The wall is designed to ensure that the car remains on the upper level!
On both sides of the wall there is a gap where steps lead down to the lower potting shed level.
An exterior door then leads to what will be the patio.
Even though our potting shed has a typical floor size, it doesn’t have the closed in feel that I have experienced in other potting and garden sheds in England.  It benefits from being open to the adjacent garage area, and open above to the roof where a small window lets in daylight.

We intend to use our potting shed to store our lawn mower and garden tools and, of course, for doing some potting up of plants.  A workbench will be added to facilitate potting, and the area will be useful for performing lots of other garden-related chores.


I’m looking forward to the potting shed being completed and enjoying the space.  As Dan will attest, I do like to have a good potter when we don’t have other stuff going on.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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