Pringle Free Diet


Reading Dan’s posting about my breakfast and our interest in eating healthier foods makes me realise just how much our diet has changed in the past 12 months. We have transitioned from what we felt was a fairly healthy diet to what I recently identified as a Processed Food Free Diet — or close to it.

I recently said goodbye to Pringles.

I have consumed a huge quantity of sour cream and onion Pringles over the years, as well as many other similar snacks. Now Pringles no longer appeal to me. The most recently purchased canister sat on the shelf for weeks as I developed an aversion to highly processed foods and the long lists of unrecognizable ingredients that they contain.

The evolution of our diet is due to several factors:

1. Last September Dan went on ‘The 17 Day Diet’ in order to loose weight. It had a lasting effect on his appetite, the foods he now choses to eat — and his waistline.


Because Dan prepares a lot of our meals, his changes in diet impacted me as well.

2. During the summer we have not felt like cooking in our makeshift kitchen as it heats up quickly and there is no air conditioning. As a result, we ate a lot of no-cook summer dishes.


3. I have become increasingly interested in the health benefits of eating food that is raw and locally sourced. Getting my allotment and being able to grow my own produce fueled this interest.

4. Having three friends diagnosed with cancer in the past year and learning that people with cancer often start juicing raw food to help combat their disease made me question why I’m not making a conscious effort to consume lots of raw food.

Dan and I are already experiencing the upside of our diet change. We both feel healthier and have noticed that we have gone for months without taking ibuprofen or Aleve to relieve aches and pains, whereas a year ago we frequently took them.

Having grown up with potatoes as a staple of my diet, I’m not giving up potato snacks altogether. I recently discovered a delicious brand of potato chips at our local market that has a very short list of ingredients — all of which I can pronounce easily.


This makes me very happy.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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