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We finally hit ‘send’ yesterday on an email we’ve been wanting to send for weeks. It went to friends and neighbours inviting them to an Open House on December 16th. The Destruction will not be finished by then but will be far enough along for us to receive guests.

The reason we want to have the Open House on December 16th (rather than wait until all work is complete) is that on this day we will have been living in our house for 10 years. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate this anniversary.

In order to reach the point where we were comfortable sending our invite, we had to get commitment from our contractors to have certain jobs completed. The list of priority items that Dan and I developed includes such things as install gutters, remove scaffolding, and finish kitchen and dining room floors.

Unfortunately things don’t happen at The Destruction as quickly as they do on the HGTV shows. I therefore put together a timeline so that we could understand the timing for tasks on our priority list.


Once again The Destruction is a hive of activity as the various crews work hard to wrap things up.

Per our timeline, the gutters went up today.


It was fun to watch them formed into custom lengths


straight out the back of a van,


and to later see them in place complete with leaf guards designed to allow water through but keep leaves out.


Meanwhile, in the kitchen the floors were stained and then coated with polyurethane,


and in the basement electricians continued tying wires into control panels,



and bringing new lights to life.


While these activities took place all around the house, Jack got to focus on one of his top priorities — snoozing. These days he is content to relax in the confinement of a bedroom, even when there are workmen on scaffolding outside.



Of course, he never allows himself to be completely off duty; snoozing with one ear open is quite a skill.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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