Raw Food


Suzanne came over for coffee and a catch up yesterday morning.  At some point I mentioned that I am trying to work more raw food into my diet (I am interested in the associated health benefits of eating food that retains as many of it’s original nutrients and vitamins as possible).  In addition to salads I’ve been snacking on vegetables and the occasional raw egg.

Suzanne told me about a raw food restaurant in Manhattan that she visited recently and recommended we try.

When I contacted Dan at the end of my workday he told me he was still in the city.  He was in New York this afternoon sourcing bathroom fixtures.  We arranged to meet near the showrooms he was visiting in the Union Square area.

I had a bit of a crappy day at work today and found it refreshing to stroll through Union Square Park on my way to meet Dan.  A heavy storm had just passed through, and everything was looking lush.


I also appreciated wandering through the adjacent farmer’s market.


I enjoy an open market of any type and felt uplifted by the time I left Union Square.


When I met up with Dan I realized that we were just a couple of blocks from Pure Food and Wine, the restaurant Suzanne had told me about. We decided to check it out.


Tables in the main dining room were all reserved.  I took that as a good sign given that it was a Monday evening.


The hostess told us we could be seated in the private room at the back of the restaurant.  We were escorted through the kitchen and got to see where our meal would be created.


When I first heard about raw food restaurants a few years ago I didn’t get it.  Why would anyone want to have a whole meal of raw food? Now I am a fan. The food was great and beautifully presented.


For appetizers we shared some cured olives and a really tasty plate of seasonal vegetables that we thought were in a cream sauce. We later found out that the sauce was created by liquidizing cashew nuts with a little water.


The main courses that we shared were a Zucchini, Local Greenhouse Tomato Lasagna and Hen of the Woods Tacos al Pastor.  Both were delicious — and so was the Ginger Cheesecake dessert.

Looking in the shop windows around Union Square, it seems Raw is in vogue right now.  

live. enjoy. repeat.

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