It was a perfect summer’s day here yesterday.  The temperature was in the 70s and there was a gentle breeze blowing throughout the day. We finally took time to relax after a couple of really busy weeks.  We both have a long list of things we need to do, but we decided to let them slide.

We spent most of the morning at our camp catching up with a string of friends and neighbours.  Most of the chatter was about birthday celebrations and recent travels.  In the afternoon Dan took a long nap on the sofa.  I pottered around in the basement — putting things in order after work visits from plumbers and HVAC guys.

In the evening we made a plan to walk through the addition and identify electrical outlet and lighting needs. We didn’t do much of that.  We got waylaid.  Realizing what a nice evening it was, we decided to have a drink outside.

As previously mentioned, our contractor keeps some straw on hand to spread around the construction site.  It keeps the mud under control.  I know from experience a bale makes a good seat… so, I grabbed one and positioned it to sit on.


I enjoyed moving the straw bale.  As soon as I picked it up my mind was transported back to the farm I grew up on.  Lifting the bale was so familiar to me.  I was instantly reminded of the thousands of bales I have stacked during numerous hay making seasons.

I pulled up the bale of straw to the edge of the potting shed doorway and sat down with my gin and tonic.


Dan soon joined me and sat on the edge of the breezeway.


We got to enjoy the evening sky, the breeze, and the view from what will soon be our outdoor dining patio. We were delighted to see that rays from the setting sun will reach the patio, and to experience how private the area will be.


It felt good to relax today and take advantage of the cooler temperatures by being outside. Sometimes you just need to take it easy and recharge.
live. enjoy. repeat.

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