Reclaiming The Living Room


When we walk into our house, we like the living room to look presentable.

But lately, it has looked more like this:


For the past few weeks, John and I have been feeling out of sorts in our own home. Trying to keep a step ahead of the contractors, we have been moving stuff from one room to another, creating more obstacles everyday.


We have been surrounded by bags and boxes and stacks of stuff.


Living through construction can be a nightmare, if you let it. We knew it was time for us to get organized – and reclaim our home (in a condensed fashion that we could still enjoy).

Establishing the temporary kitchen over the weekend was a big accomplishment. Yesterday we focused on the living room, which now has to perform double duty as a living/dining space.

John and I both see great value in thinking through and organizing good design solutions. For us, creating an interim living arrangement that is livable, enjoyable, and comfortable, is time well spent.


When our friend Nilse walked into our newly configured room this morning, she exclaimed, “You’ve designed the mess!” and added… “it looks cozy.”


We repositioned the sofa, coffee table, and chairs into a smaller conversation area. This allowed us to move the sideboard (which was in the dining room) behind the sofa. The sideboard provides separation between the dining and living areas, as well as much needed storage convenient to the kitchenette.

A counter and a pair of stools from our old kitchen create a perfect dinner spot for two.


The dining experience is far from compromised (glad we decided to keep the candelabra out of storage).


It’s important for John and me to be able to relax and recharge at home.


And, especially during construction, it’s important for us to have a room that is martini-conducive.


Apparently, it’s not as important for Jack.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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