Reflections Of The 4th


Last night, reflecting on our busy Independence Day, it was a challenge to identify the most interesting part of the day.  After some thought, I figured it out.


It was the few minutes after Dan and I crossed our street from Suzanne’s house.  We went from sharing hors d’oeuvres (curried deviled eggs and indian-spiced zucchini spread on crackers) with a western Tibetan lama (yes, think yellow coloured top and burgundy coloured skirt) to drinking Bud Lights with two of the guys that are building our addition and were finishing up for the day.


The lama told Dan and I about his recent time at Estoril in Portugal teaching a class.  One of the construction guys told us how much fun he and his family have riding quad bikes and showed us a photo of his 12 year old daughter airborne on hers.


I enjoyed both interactions and each left me with something to think about.  I appreciate the juxtaposition of the two encounters and wonder where else I could have such an experience.


(I wish I had photos of the lama and the builder to share, but taking a camera out to snap shots doesn’t always suit the mood).

live. enjoy. repeat.

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