Remembering The 4th On The 3rd


I always enjoy putting our flag out for a special occasion.  As a British citizen Independence Day isn’t my holiday, but it is one that I always enjoy.  That’s in large part because Dan and I have a second reason to celebrate on July 4th.  It is the anniversary of the day that I moved to the USA in 1996.

It’s hard for me to believe that sixteen years ago today I was saying farewell to dear friends and finalizing plans for getting to Heathrow the next morning.

The time leading up to the departure date I had been longing for was bittersweet.  I had been staying with different friends since selling my house in April of that year, and was eager to fly to America to start my life with Dan.  The one thing that had held up my departure was the issue of my visa.  Once it arrived, I booked the earliest flight I could which turned out to be on July 4th.

It took quite a while to adjust to my new life.  Changing one major thing in your life is a lot to cope with; I had changed everything.  I was living with someone for the first time, I had a new home, in a new country, and, having worked for many years, I was to start college full-time in the fall.  Pretty much everything that was familiar in my day-to-day life was gone.  The only constants were my dog and cat that, with Dan’s encouragement, I brought to the US with me.

Dan and I are both continually thankful that we found each other and for the life we share together. The first sixteen years have been great, and I look forward to our celebration tomorrow.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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