Rescue And Triage


I’m not sure where this week has gone. Hurricane Sandy has blown everyone off course.

It wasn’t until Wednesday that Dan and I started to comprehend exactly how fortunate we are. As we gradually learnt (we have no cable TV or internet service) more about the havoc Sandy wreaked, we realised our neighbourhood is one of a few in the area with power. Our comprehension came with a realization that life in New Jersey may get harder before returning to normal.

Very few businesses are open, schools are closed, long lines of cars and people have formed at gas stations that are operable. A friend queued for three hours this morning in order to get gas. Even MR BUSY had to wait his turn:


People with power are taking in friends without power and/or providing a place where others can get a warm meal, charge electronic devices, or use internet service.

On Wednesday morning we set off to “rescue” Nicole and her friend Jesse from New York City. Jack led the mission.


Nicole and Jesse had been holed up in student digs in the East Village without power for 36 hours. With no likelihood of power being restored anytime soon, they needed to get out.

Despite traffic congestion in the city, and difficulties communicating due to compromised cell phone service, we managed to meet up with Nicole and Jesse on the corner of 49th and 11th.


They seemed pleased to be rescued


but also a little weary and bewildered.


I’m not sure that our makeshift living space looks any better than Jesse’s student apartment, but we do at least have power.


I soon set about cooking a late breakfast in our kitchenette.


My poached eggs over quinoa and sautéed homegrown greens…


revived their spirits.


The rest of the day we all took it easy — and the next day we put them to work!

We started to clear all the fallen limbs in the back garden.





Operation clean-up was much easier for Dan and I with help from Jesse…

and Nicole.


Once all of the tree debris had been cleared Dan and I were able to triage our storm victims.


Some limbs were removed; others we hope to have saved.




Finishing operation clean-up with a pile of firewood added to our sense of accomplishment.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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