Respecting An Elder


We really like our little old house. It was a challenge to design an addition that would not overpower or upstage the original.

When I made the sketch below, the idea was to make the addition subordinate and complimentary to the old house – an ancillary wing, with the character of a carriage house.

The biggest gesture was to set the new wing as far back from the street as possible, so the volume of the addition recedes into the background, with a landscaped yard in front of it.


As the addition grows up, we are making sure it does the following to show respect for its elder:

1. Uses the first floor roof to break up its two story mass.
2. Sets the second floor back two feet more than the first floor.
3. Creates a projecting bay on the new bathroom that mimics the two projecting bays of the main house.
4.Matches the roof lines, overhangs, stucco finish, and window style of the old house.
5.Retains the charm of the former garage.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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