Returns Of The Day


We were very excited to see ye olde ‘Cupboard Wagon’ bringing our cabinets home two weeks ago.


We were not as excited to see the Cupboard Wagon taking our new cabinets back this morning. Well, taking some of them — the ones finished in walnut wood veneer.


The cabinets were beautiful, but suffered from a poor sense of direction. While the wood grain on cabinet doors ran left to right, the wood grain on cabinet sides ran up and down.


Hopefully the next time the Cupboard Wagon pulls up to our house, the grain patterns will be running in the same direction (horizontal) as we had specified.

It seems no matter how hard everyone tries, some things don’t show up the first time around as specified.

After the Cupboard Wagon pulled away this morning, the truck from the building supply company arrived to take back this beautiful door.


The door, with satin etched glass panels, was intended for the master bathroom. The wooden dividers that separate the 5 glass panels are very narrow. They were specified to be 4” wide matching the five-panel doors in the bedroom.


We thought all the returns were out of the way by late afternoon when the stone fitters came to set countertops in the kitchen. We were looking forward to seeing the expanse of white Silestone stretching across our island. But the countertop became another return of the day.


I designed the island to be 12’-6” in length; we think it will be plenty long. The stone cutter apparently thought it should be a bit longer and sent us a countertop with an additional few inches. Around dusk, the stone fitter’s truck pulled away taking the countertop back to the shop for a trimming.

After the last truck carrying returns left, John and I had a chance to look around the kitchen and assess the situation. We were pleased to see all the kitchen base cabinets in place. The base cabinets are painted a sharp yellow (as specified) and did not suffer from a poor sense of direction. The cabinet color is rather controversial, but seems to hold a certain animal attraction.


In spite of all the items being returned, John and I shared a sense of accomplishment today. The painters applied more deep olive green trim to the outside of the house. The electricians installed switches, receptacles, and lights. The stone fitters installed the smaller countertops.

As John reminds me every day, we are now one day closer to project completion.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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