Revisiting New London


It’s been an adjustment coming back to the condensed living space, temporary kitchen, and general dishevelment of our house under construction.

We miss the luxury of the house in New London with a full kitchen and four bedrooms. While we were staying there last week, it gave us an opportunity to cook meals and have friends over in a way that we are currently not able to do in our own home. We had different friends visit each day, and lots of help entertaining Siobhan and Saoirse.

Margaret, who lives about 45 minutes away, joined us for dinner and a show. We went to see Hair, the musical, at the Red Barn Playhouse in New London.


I have to say, I enjoyed it more than the Broadway production. The cast did a great job, and the venue, a small converted barn, was more convincing than a massive theater at Times Square for telling an anti-establishment story about freedom of expression and making love and not war. Some of the musical numbers made what little hair I have stand on end.


Each of the next three nights we hosted a different family from the Boston area. We appreciated that everyone travelled an hour and a half to see us (but missed the kids who could not be with us due to summer camps and jobs).

John tended to the grille…


when our friends Moe (Maureen) and Steve joined us for dinner.


The following morning we all went out for breakfast; Saoirse encountered her first ever short stack of American pancakes with chocolate chips.


The next afternoon, Paul, Leslie and Emma arrived.


In discussing American favorite foods, Siobhan and Saoirse seemed repulsed by the idea of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, but Saoirse was very curious about marshmallow fluff.

Emma was happy to run to the store (still enjoying her first year of driving) and buy some Fluff so Saoirse could try a “fluffernutter” sandwich.


Finally, the Martigras all showed up, James and Trish, with Emily, Izzy, and Thomas. After a full afternoon of boating and swimming,


we enjoyed being together around the family dinner table.


We wanted to bring Siobhan and Saoirse to this house during their visit with us, and thanks to them, we got to catch up with good friends from New Hampshire and Boston.

Thanks to our friends Larry and Joanne, who own the house in New London, we got to escape from our construction site and relax in a beautiful house that easily accommodated our rolling guest list.

Their house wasn’t always as spacious as it is now. I designed an addition to the house that provides a family room upstairs and two bedrooms below. It’s always fun to visit this house and enjoy the spaces that I helped create.

living-room living-room

This visit was a good reminder for John and me that our own house addition will be well worth the effort.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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