We were very tempted to stay in Stone Harbor a second night especially as Saoirse was having so much fun with all the other kids there.


But, we had a hound to get home to, and an 8:30am contractor meeting scheduled for the next morning. So we hit the road just after 10:00 pm and got home just before 1:00 am.

We were planning to make a quick overnight stop at home before heading north to New London, NH on Tuesday morning. Our plan to get on the road by mid-morning didn’t go so well. Our place was abuzz with workmen (plumbers, electricians and builders), and our road full of white vehicles. It seemed that everyone had questions for Dan, and it felt good to experience so much activity on our project.


We eventually hit the road at 2:30pm having mentally prepared ourselves for another road trip. Siohban and Saoirse had a one bag luggage limit as we needed to save room for Jack.


The miles slipped away steadily and the scenery became increasingly rural.


We arrived at our destination around dusk. I enjoyed showing Siohban and Saoirse this special place that Dan have been coming to for more than fifteen years. The house sits above a long garden that slopes to a beautiful pond.


We went out for dinner and returned home well after dark. Though we were all tired, the girls were game for a late night canoe tour of the pond.


It was a perfect night for the tour. The water was still and moonlit, and the sky full of stars. As we drifted slowly through the water, the sighting of the big dipper and a shooting star made for a perfect end to a long day.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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