The day started without any shingles on the new roofs. By evening cocktails, our roofs were completely shingled. What a difference a day makes. It made us feel like celebrating.

It was past noon when the roofers arrived, so I was skeptical that they could get everything done.


But change can happen quickly — especially with a crew of six equipped with nail guns. Inside the house today it sounded like endless rows of bubble wrap were being popped above the ceiling.

Seeing the finished roof is satisfying on many levels.

First of all, it looks just like I had envisioned.



Ok, I did have the roofline lowered on the garage — I think doing so helps to ground the house to the landscape.

Secondly, the new material matches the existing roof shingles.

The roof looks great from all vantage points. I had fun checking out the views — like the view from the guest room looking uphill toward Letty’s house.


At the back of the house, I like the way the little pitched roof above John’s potting shed doorway lowers the scale of the addition to meet the garden.


And finally, the roofing is the first appearance on the project of a ‘final’ finish material. Seeing the new roofing gives us hope that this project will be completed sometime soon. Which is a great way to start our weekend :)


live. enjoy. repeat.

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