Roofscapes & Eavesdrops


It is very gratifying to finally see the sloping roof shapes atop the addition. We have had a lot of rain recently, and consequently progress on the roof has been slow.

In designing the roofscape, I was inspired by the clipped gable, or “dutch hip,” on the side of the existing house. It is a style of roof prevalent in our town and perhaps indicative of the early 1900’s era of our home and others in town. I am somehow attracted to it. It connotes a sense of shelter that I find appealing.

I was very pleased to arrive at a design that utilized this shape. To my eye, it helps reduce the height of the roof and step down the mass of the addition to the garage and the landscape.


Yesterday, John and I went outside to check things out on our construction site. While I was admiring our new roofs, John started to ascend. Soon he was standing above me on scaffolding.

Although a little perturbed that he was not demonstrating much enthusiasm for our rooftops, I calmly asked him what he was doing….

He had spotted a bird’s nest.

And he wanted to get a photo,


And he wanted to zoom in. One of the brackets that support the overhanging eaves on the side of our house is the home of a morning dove. It seems she finds the sense of shelter under the eaves appealing.


The only unappealing aspect of this scene are the eaves-droppings produced by this beautiful creature. When the addition is finished we plan to get the entire house painted (as you can see it needs it), so we will wait till then to determine what to do with our feathered friend’s home.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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