See Through The Wall


The idea to put openings in the wall of our new outdoor stairwell came a bit late in the design phase. Actually, it came in the construction phase.

Construction of the foundation walls was underway and John and I were checking things out in what would be our new outdoor stairwell to the basement. John commented how fun it would be if we could see out at ground level and asked if openings could be put in the wall.

I thought it was a great idea. I made a drawing and gave the masons direction for the size and placement of four openings.


A few days later, our little square portals to the world above were in place.


At the time, I told the contractor I would figure out some sort of grille to insert in the openings. I trusted that I would find grilles to fit, or else I would design something custom.

As luck would have it, I was thumbing through Dwell magazine recently and saw an ad for lattice screens. I liked the pattern and thought that the module size would be a good fit. I phoned the vendor, Latticestix, today — and they can provide the perfect pieces for my puzzle.


The wood grilles are going to be a great little feature in the garden wall.


Looking back, I find it interesting that I was quite comfortable moving forward without having the entire solution buttoned up. I trusted my design instincts and had holes put in concrete and deferred finding a grille until later.

In other aspects of my life, I am not always as fearless of the unknown and trusting of my intuition. I can freeze up with anxiety when I don’t have all the answers. Seeing the openings through the wall makes me realize that I am able to relax in not knowing and trust that things will work out in due time.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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