Selection Day


Jack and I accompanied Dan to the polling station today so that Dan could cast his vote for President of the United States.

As it was a nice day we walked into town. Our route took us via a casualty of Hurricane Sandy


and past the school where polling usually takes place.


Due to Sandy the polling location had been switched to the Recreation Center.


Jack and I waited outside while Dan voted (I don’t get a vote as I’m not a US citizen). There were no queues, and Dan was out in no time. We both felt good about Dan exercising his right to vote.


With the US presidency addressed we turned our attention to other important selections — paint colours. Dan has been studying colour swatches sporadically for a couple of weeks.


He is able to distinguish between subtle shades of colour in order to find just the right one. I, on the other hand, prefer to apply paint rather than select it.


To help us reach colour decisions we needed some samples to paint on our walls. So, after Dan cast his vote, we all went into our Mayor’s hardware store (yes, our Mayor runs the town’s hardware store).


It is a great store and Jack enjoyed checking it out while Dan looked for paint samples.


Dan has a great eye for colour and a wonderful sense for knowing which will work well together. I have every confidence that Dan has made some great selections today in and out of the polling booth.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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