Self Reflection


I asked Saoirse to hold still so I could get a photo of John and I reflected in her aviator sunglasses. I took the photo while we were enjoying lunch at the Highliner diner yesterday. John and I had never been there before, but when Soairse mentioned in the car she would like to eat in a diner, I immediately thought of the classic looking diner on 22nd Street at 10th Ave. (formerly called Empire Diner).


We were conveniently located to explore the High Line park after lunch.


We love walking along the raised platform that once was an elevated railway track, and has been transformed into a linear oasis of wild flowers and plantings. We always enjoy bringing guests to the High Line and don’t mind visiting again and again; we are curious to see the growth and seasonal change in the plantings.

The change we noticed most this visit was the proliferation of vendors and entertainers. We saw a modern dance group from the Bronx.


We saw a clown.


Ooops. Wrong photo. Sorry.


We saw a clown.
We saw food and gift vendors, and heard musicians, and a choir. We used to come just to experience the landscaping and city views.

Amidst all the performances, we also saw simply beautiful examples of nature’s artistry. Plants which would probably seem mundane in their typical environment, somehow seem extraordinary when juxtaposed with the city; it’s easier to notice their textures and and appreciate their unique characteristics.


Having Siobhan and Saoirse stay with us is an interesting juxtaposition as well. I expect we will become more familiar with each others unique characteristics over the next few weeks. It is an opportunity to appreciate one another, and to gain a fresh perspective on ourselves… by seeing our lives through other eyes.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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