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Today is Small Business Saturday, a day dedicated to supporting small businesses nationwide.

John and I believe small businesses are great contributors to our community. We make an effort to support shops and services in and near our small town. Shopping local feels different than driving to a big shopping plaza or mall; it feels more personal.

We take pleasure walking into town and running into people we know. Jack prefers we shop local too, because it is likely he will come along for the walk.


John and I tend to frequent stores we connect with — stores that we like by getting to know the owner or staff, and stores that offer the goods or services that we want. Here is a sampling of four local businesses we enjoy visiting and why:

1) Moore’s Hardware Store


The store has anything you ask for, and the staff (led by our town’s mayor) happily attends to each request whether it is for a 15 cent rubber washer or 150 dollars of custom mixed paint.

2) Bibby’s Mediterranean Cafe


We enjoy a rich diversity of local dining options, and this little cafe serves healthy food, like carrot and ginger soup, and salad with grilled salmon. Robbie is an affable host who prepares delicious lebanese food and takes pride in his family’s heritage.


3) Metropolitan Citymarket


Having been without a food market in town for a few years, we are very happy to patronize the Metropolitan Citymarket We want this great store and convenience to continue. It was a stalwart purveyor throughout the recent hurricane and nor’easter storms.

It has something to offer the sweet potato…


and the nut in each of us.


It also offers a favorite yogurt of John’s.


Having grown up on a small dairy farm, John appreciates that the cows producing milk for Erivan Yogurt “have names not numbers.”


4) Jonel Dry Cleaner

When we moved to town, I happened to bring our first dry cleaning to Jonel. We keep coming back because of the friendly and personalized service. The proprietors always greet us with a smile and kind word.

The first time I came into her store, I was impressed by Young’s warm and welcoming manner.


The second time I came in, I was impressed that she remembered my name. And every time since I have enjoyed that our pick up slips are under first names only, for Dan or John.


Fortunately, our favorite dry cleaner also does personalized alterations. Yesterday John brought in some trousers that screamed for attention.


Young was happy to oblige; the trousers will be custom tailored and ready on Wednesday. I like the way Young takes special care of garments and customers.

I think a good model for any business is to appreciate that while all customers are cut from similar cloth, each has a unique design and special characteristics.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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