Size Doesn’t Matter


The contractors moved inside today to start breaking through to the addition.

When I tell people we are doing an addition the first question many ask is “how many square feet is it?” They are usually a little surprised when I tell them I don’t know.

I have tried to learn how big the area is, but I just don’t retain the information. Dan doesn’t know either – and he designed the addition. He calculated the square footage once, but we’ve both since forgotten.

I guess for us quantifying the size of the addition is of little importance. What matters is that the addition is a good fit for the lot, for the existing house, and for us.

It will provide us with:
• A garage that’s not falling down and is insurable
• Undercover access from car to the house
• A kitchen area that more than one person can work in
• Better access and views to the garden
• A master bedroom suite
• A potting shed
• And a downstairs loo on which you do not get the sense that you are sitting in the corner of the living room.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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