Skip Away


I mentioned something to one of the contractors the other day about the ‘skip,’ and he didn’t have a clue what I was talking about. I quickly revised my sentence, replacing the word ‘skip’ with ‘dumpster,’ and we were immediately on the same page. You might think that having lived in the US for 16 years I would have retired the word skip, but no, I still let the occasional skip slip.

On Thursday morning I was excited when I heard a truck pull up outside our house. After a quick look out a bedroom window I confirmed for Dan that someone had arrived to take our skip away (after living with me for 16 years, he knows what a skip is).


I’ve lost track of how many times a full skip has been hauled away and replaced by an empty one at The Destruction.


This time there was no replacement. The skip has left for good!!


The departure of our skip created easy access for a crew to install the garage door later that day.


I finished painting the door panels the night before, and all that remained to be done was cleaning dried paint off the glass.


It’s very satisfying to see the new garage door in place. Neither Dan nor I have ever had a functioning garage.


Our old one was small and dilapidated and we never attempted to put our car in it.


We used it for storage only — primarily logs. Whenever we entered, we would open the door gingerly hoping it would not come unhinged, and that the whole structure would stay in place.


In place of our little detached garage,


we now have our new attached garage…


with ample room for our car.


And don’t let me skip the best part — the door opens with the press of a button!


live. enjoy. repeat.

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