Sound Check


It’s not everyday we get to visit a recording studio. On Monday John and I stopped by the Downtown Music Studios in SoHo to check on a project we are invested in.

It was fun getting a behind the scenes view of the music recording industry. Although to us, the control room looked more like the bridge on the Starship Enterprise.


When John spotted a Wurlitzer electronic piano I imagined ourselves at a recording session in an earlier era. I was transported back in time to ‘The British Invasion’ of the ‘60s.


But we had not come for rock and roll. We had come to support our friend Matt who was recording baroque concertos for two oboes…


and playing both oboe parts.


Matt successfully funded a Kickstarter project to fulfill his dream of recording Tomaso Albinoni’s concertos. To learn more about the project, check out his Kickstarter page: Me, Myself and Albinoni.

We helped Matt set up the project and made a contribution, so we stopped in during the recording to make sure our investment was playing out well.

From the sound engineer’s room we had a great view through a soundproof glass window into the recording studio…


where the string musicians were seated.


Matt was the farthest from view in a separate sound isolation booth…


where he played his Tom-ASS-o Albinoni off.


In the sound engineer’s room, we could hear all the musicians playing beautifully together. The project seemed to be going very well — we just wished we could do something to help. I suggested John try his hand at sound engineering,


but instead he pushed the button to beam up Scotty.


We thought it best to leave the recording session in the hands of the professionals.


Satisfied that our investment is indeed a sound one, we soon found ourselves back on the streets of SoHo (where it looked like John had not left the ‘60s).


To see and hear a snippet of our sound check click on the ‘play’ arrow below:



live. enjoy. repeat.

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