Special Delivery

piper's eggs

When Julianna, our teenaged neighbour across the road, read Friday’s blog entry about Piper, she raised a concern that maybe her family’s hen had been making a nuisance of herself.

Yesterday, Suzanne, Julianna’s mum, delivered half a dozen eggs to us. Not just any old eggs mind you, all of the perfectly formed eggs had been laid by Piper. How does Suzanne know which hen laid these eggs? Suzanne explained that five of the hens lay their eggs in the coop…


But Piper, the hen with the independent spirit, has her own nest where she alone lays eggs.

piper's coop

Apparently, Miko, Julianna’s grandmother, has noticed that Piper’s eggs taste different to the ones from the other hens. Miko believes this is because Piper ventures further afield, and thus has a more varied diet (which Dan and I know includes cheddar cheese flavoured crisps and homemade blueberry buckle).

Since Sean has been sharing his snacks with Piper, we decided to give Sean four of the eggs. What goes around comes around.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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