A Spicy Moroccan


Dan and I enjoyed celebrating the finished roofs yesterday evening at our camp. We stayed outside until it was dark. As daylight faded Dan spotted the first lightning bug of the season.


Not actually the bug shown above… I found this image by doing a Google search.

I’d never seen a lightning bug before I came to the US. The first time I encountered these amazing little bugs that light up in mid-air, I was fascinated by them. I still find them quite magical. Last night, as in previous years, experiencing lightening bugs flickering in the garden was exciting and uplifting. I welcomed their arrival as a good sign.

With the roofs finished, it feels like we’ve completed another chapter of our construction project and are ready for the next. The cocktail that I served to celebrate was one of my own creations.

Dan suggested calling the cocktail a Moroccan Minger, thinking it was a made up word that combined mint and ginger. I suggested he look ‘minger’ up online. After doing so, he was dissuaded. I call it a Spicy Moroccan.


It’s a mix of leftover Moroccan Mint Tea from the fridge, ginger beer (not ginger ale), and white rum. It is ideal for a warm summer evening and quite delicious — even if I do say so myself. The recipe is below.

A non-alcoholic version can be made by omitting the rum and tastes equally as good.

Spicy Moroccan

1 part white rum
1 part Moroccan Mint Tea (refer to June 1 posting for recipe)
1 part ginger beer
Sprig of mint

1. Fill a tall glass with ice
2. Pour in the rum, mint tea and ginger beer
3. Stir
4. Add mint and straws

Ginger beer is quite different to ginger ale. Usually it is unfiltered and can be rather spicy. Adjust the amount to suit your taste.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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