Spring Feeling


We had a real dose of spring feeling today (not the gin and chartreuse cocktail version that I made a few postings ago – see Certified Occupants posted April 5th).

Around 6:00 PM after completing some outdoor chores, John and I both found ourselves looking for good reasons to remain outside and enjoy the beautiful evening (golden sunshine, temperature in the 60s, and lots of spring greens emerging on trees and shrubs).


John decided to cut a pile of fallen branches into firewood and kindling.


I decided to explore the triangular patch of plantings at the end of our driveway.


This area became a catch all for shrubs and plants that were displaced by The Destruction. Before the backhoe equipment arrived and excavations started, we dug up a lot of plants and put them in pots.

The hope was that the plants would survive the winter and be re-employed in our new post-Destruction landscaping. Most seem to have weathered the winter very well.


I was most pleased to pull this one in the black tub out of hiding from the middle of the island of misfit plants.


I looked for it a few months ago and was convinced it was not there. It made me feel sad to think this plant was lost. It may not look like much now, but it is a beautiful blue lace-cap hydrangea that we used to enjoy seeing from our old kitchen window.


It will definitely have a place of prominence in our new garden scheme.

The fresh green shoots on this otherwise barren looking plant are reminders of the resilience and regenerative power of nature…


and early signs of magnificent beauty waiting to unfold. Ah, the feeling of spring.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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