Spring Greens


Over the weekend we had some delicious meals – most of which were enjoyed with friends. The most interesting meal, however, was the one that Dan cooked for the two of us on Friday evening. We didn’t have a meal planned, but managed to sit down to a great dinner nonetheless.

I finished work early and was weeding at the allotment by 4:30pm.


It was a beautiful evening, and the sun was warm on my back as I weeded. As soon as I encountered the mint, I knew that there was a mojito in my near future. I committed to weed for at least an hour and promised myself the mojito as a reward.


Driving home, I pictured Dan making the drinks and serving them outside.


While I knew that Dan wouldn’t hesitate to use the mint, I wasn’t sure he would be willing to sample the dandelion leaves that I also brought home. Sure enough, I encountered some resistance when I showed him the tub of dandelions. But, by the time I sorted through for the best leaves and rinsed them off, Dan was game (maybe the mojito helped).


The challenge was what to have with them. Then Dan recalled that we had a bag of IKEA meatballs in the freezer.

Twenty minutes later we sat down to a delicious meal that you are unlikely to see at an IKEA restaurant any time soon.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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