Sting At The Dentist


Once in a while I meet someone that I immediately hit it off with. This happened today when I met Goli. Goli is a dental hygienist. She was standing in for my regular hygienist who is on leave having just had a baby.

The ice-breaker that got Goli and me chatting came after my first mouth rinse. As I was settling down for phase two of my cleaning, Goli told me that I remind her of Sting. I was immediately amused.


I continued to be amused as Goli cleaned more teeth and I pictured Sting in a dentist’s chair interacting with his hygienist.

When I next had an opportunity to speak I asked Goli what it was about me that reminds her of Sting — looks, mannerisms, voice? Goli said it was an overall impression.

I then told her I found her observation very amusing because my partner Dan likes Sting. (Truth be told, Dan mentioned some years ago that he likes Sting, I rolled my eyes, and it turned into an ongoing joke that ‘Dan likes Sting.’) It made sense to Goli that Dan would like Sting since he is with me. Goli mentioned that she too likes Sting. She then said “you should tell Dan this is from the eyes of an artist, you are very handsome.”

What’s not to love about this person I thought?

By the way, Goli paints water colours in her spare time, and she also plays piano. I could tell you lots more about Goli, as we became fast friends after the Sting conversation. I found the story of how she came to be in the United States particularly interesting.

Goli is Iranian and arrived in the US sixteen years ago on a visitor’s visa with a single suitcase and a nine year old son. She explained that while visiting her sister in Germany in 1996 she went to the US Embassy and applied for a visitor’s visa. Much to her surprise the visa was granted. She couldn’t believe her good fortune and decided not to return to her husband in Iran, but to travel to the US instead (her husband joined them 3 months later).

Goli and her son have been here ever since and she is now a US citizen. She told me that living in Iran was not good for her. I was moved by her tale.

By the end of my visit Goli and I had learnt a lot about each other, and discovered that we have a few things in common. Goli and I are the same age, and she moved to America on July 18, 1996 — just 2 weeks after me.

I have scheduled my next hygienist appointment for six months from now — with Goli. My regular hygienist is very nice, but we seldom discussed more than the weather. I have no idea if I remind her of anyone famous.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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