No Stone Unturned


We hadn’t planned to have a sofa-sized stone in the back yard, but a couple of surplus rocks presented us with a big design opportunity.


As the landscapers worked through the huge piles of material in our stoneyard…


two large slabs at the bottom of the heap remained unused.


The stones were too massive to remove from the site without cutting into pieces. When the landscrapers asked me if I wanted to use the stones somewhere, I started thinking fast, and running ideas by John.

I thought the largest stone, with its slightly curved shape, would be perfect as a bench on the corner of our lush lawn.


Ok, you need to use your imagination here — that dirt patch to the right of John and Jack will be grass someday, and the dirt mound behind the bench will be full of plantings.

Sitting on the stone bench is a near zen experience for us. Our uncluttered dirt yard is a thing of beauty, and a welcome change from the chaotic stoneyard we have been looking at for the past 20 months (evidently, it is a long process to get near zen).

If you happen to have a huge stone on one side of your yard that you would like to use as a contemplative bench on the other side of your yard, I recommend you follow these 4 steps:

1) Tie a chain to huge stone.


2) Hook the chain to a heavy-duty winch that is strapped around a big tree.


3)Pull the winch again and again…


and slowly drag the stone across the yard, guiding the stone into position.


4) Upturn huge stone and flop into place.


Tip: It is a really good idea to have 4 guys from Blue Meadow Landscaping on hand to carry out these maneuvers.

Oh, I mentioned there were two huge stones. We had the other huge stone placed in the gravel patio just below the stone bench.


John and I had already discussed that one day we would like to have a sculpture here, and the stone slab will be perfect as its base.


Until we have an art budget as big as our dreams, we will have to be satisfied with one of us playing “statue”…


and each taking turns.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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