Summer Storm


John wanted to harvest what he could from the allotment before the big storm tonight.  The weather report threatened severe thunderstorms, lightening, high winds, and possible hail and tornados.

We enjoyed the calm before the storm in the garden allotments.  John picked tomatoes …


and redirected a renegade runner bean shoot. He took its curly-cue off of a corn stock and repositioned it onto the bamboo structure intended for it.
The cherry tomatoes were delicious moments after picking  — they tasted like little flavor bombs.

John graciously shared cherry tomatoes with a couple of neighbors we encountered in the allotment.  Then we took our bowl of tomatoes and headed toward the next town; we were planning to go to a restaurant for dinner.


But as the storm clouds gathered, and the skies darkened, and the trees started to flail, we revised our plan and headed straight home.

We arrived just ahead of the rain…


and decided to watch the storm from the porch…. with a dirty martini (dirty = with a little juice from the olives’ jar).
We know from experience the storms are often not as severe as the warnings.  We sat back and watched the show:  rain, lightening, thunder… followed by gaps of calm with noisy crickets and flickering lightening bugs. Jack calmly took in the scene.
It was times like this that inspired us to create a breezeway where we will be able to enjoy a passing thunderstorm like the one tonight.  Except, we will be doubly awed — exposed to the force of nature in both the front and back gardens.
live. enjoy. repeat.

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