Super Sweet


It was super sweet of John to ask me to go to the allotment with him yesterday. He was feeling out of sorts and couldn’t get motivated to get himself there. He said if I came along it would just help him get started.

So Jack and I got in the car and drove John to the community gardens. It was nice to feel needed. Especially when I was sure John didn’t want me to do anything once there.

Sure enough, soon after we arrived it was clear that I was a redundant accompaniment. After checking out John’s rectangle of dirt and weeds for a few minutes, I announced that Jack and I were going for a long walk. We left John tending to his plot.


Having grown up on a farm, John seems to find no labor quite as satisfying as a back-breaking dig in the earth.


When Jack and I returned, we found John smiling. He had planted tomatoes (including Supersweet 100 cherry tomatoes), lettuce, cucumbers, and peppers. And the existing strawberry and mint plants looked better in the freshly tilled soil.


On the way home I asked John if he wore the gardening gloves I got him for his birthday. He did for a while, but took them off because he has to feel the soil when he plants. John said it felt really good to get the plants in. His spirits were noticeably uplifted.

It pleased me to have facilitated getting the plants in. I have a lot of experience with inertia. It often pulls me down, and John often helps lift me up and into action. So I was happy to return the favor.

live. enjoy. repeat.

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