Table Decor


John and I saw some very colorful table settings at the Architectural Digest Home Show recently. The ‘Dining By Design’ installations were a feast for the eyes and great conversation pieces.


These tables kept changing color,


and the cuisine may have been psychedelic too.


We thought the décor of this table might attract zebras and bees.


This dining room was clearly designed to be memorable.


Seeing so many creative table options got us thinking again about a table for our breakfast area — although we did not feel the need for lavish decoration.

We decided to get a simple round white table from IKEA (for now, our idea of having a variable height table has been shelved).


In the past week we’ve adorned our table with several colorful guests.

Lorra was here for coffee one morning, and we got to catch up with her…


and her sewing.


Joe & Carlos sat around the table and told us about their adventures working in Mozambique for the past 9 months.


Before flying back to Africa they made a pit stop at our house, and we celebrated Joe’s birthday with his favorite dessert — lemon meringue pie.


We also got to catch up with Sarah who was visiting from London. Sitting with Sarah and her mother Eleanor we realized that there’s something special about a round table;

Screen Shot 2014-09-11 at 3.15.38 PM

it fosters lively conversation and brings people (and pets) together.


We think a round table is perfect for our breakfast area, but occasionally a bigger table is needed — so we can fit in a few more colorful characters.

Last night we had an opportunity to test the capacity of our post-Destruction dining room for the first time. A major benefit of the reconfigured space is the ability to accommodate more people. With the help of a makeshift add-on table, we were able to seat 12 for Easter dinner.

Although our table was not lavishly decorated (we rolled out craft paper as a table covering), it was beautiful when surrounded by the faces of many colorful friends.



live. enjoy. repeat.

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