Table For Seven?


The contractors had cleared the breezeway floor of all construction materials before the weekend — except for a pair of saw horses and stack of 2×4‘s ready to be cut. We were inspired by the cutting station — it looked like a dining table to us, and we could imagine serving dinner on it Saturday night.


Unfortunately, the table was a bit too tall for fine dining.


Determined not to let a good idea slip away, we moved the contractor’s stuff into the garage and set up our own dining table (at a better height) using trestle legs from the basement and a piece of plywood found on the construction site.


With a painting tarp as a table cloth, and the requisite votive candles and hydrangea blossoms…


the table was set for seven.


John and I were pleased to have a place to entertain and return the kindness of friends who recently had us to their homes for dinners. Marilyn and Cenovia were first to arrive…


followed by Ming, Ray and Suzanne.


Fortunately, our guests are very good sports and indulged us in our ‘al fresco’ dining fantasy. Everyone brought something to add to the meal. We kept things simple and served on paper plates so that clean up would be a breeze.

We had to do little more than set the stage and enjoy the glow of each others company.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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