Temporary Exhibit


Yesterday another temporary wall was erected in our house. This one divides the dining room in two. We live on one side, and the builders go about construction on the other side. Essentially the wall is stud framing with insulation batts stapled between the uprights and plastic sheeting applied on the dining room side.

I was pleased to see the new wall in place when I arrived home from work. It meant I had somewhere to secure our coat hooks (our coats have been heaped in a pile in the sun room for the past couple of weeks).

john-installing-coat rack

This is the third location for the coat hooks since construction began. I made the coat hook bar when our closet was removed from the back of the house.

After hanging the coats and seeing the remaining expanse of plastic covered wall, it felt like something was missing.


I suggested to Dan that maybe we should hang a picture . . . and I had just the thing in mind.


Dan liked my idea. This picture, from his childhood bedroom, has been stored in our basement covered in plastic since Dan’s childhood home was sold some years ago.

It’s unlikely that this picture would have seen the light of day because we don’t see it fitting in once the house project is finished. So, we are both enjoying a limited time special exhibition of our old/new artwork.

For Dan, the picture evokes personal childhood memories. For me, the train engine brings to mind “Casey Jones a steamin’ and a rollin’.”


The American TV show dates from the late fifties, but used to run on the BBC in the early seventies during school holidays. It was a personal favourite, and I can easily recall the theme song.

I do not recall the dog from the Casey Jones show, but when Cinders appeared in a Google search, I thought it’s no wonder I have a fondness for Jack Russell Terriers.


Jack’s sleeping quarters have been relocated more times than the coat hooks, but he easily adapts to new locations — as long as the artwork is installed to his liking.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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