Temporary Workspace


While our town’s small businesses can provide much of what Dan and I need, we find we have to go further afield for certain things. For instance, we go to IKEA for workspace.


Sometimes the continual drilling, banging, and hollering at The Destruction reaches such intensity that we can barely think. It was on one such occasion that we recently sought refuge at IKEA.


We discovered that no company provides free work space quite like IKEA. Not even Starbucks — there you have to pay for coffee. At IKEA we get a free coffee every time we show a cashier our ‘IKEA Family’ card.


Dan and I arrived for breakfast, worked on a presentation, browsed the store, had lunch, and then did some more work. The IKEA staff let us hang out, and none of the other shoppers seemed to realise they were dining in our pop-up workspace.


By the end of our visit, we had made ourselves quite at home . . .


and, if the store were less busy, we could easily have stretched out on a sofa for a nap.

However, we have found that the relative tranquility of the car park behind The Container Store is a better option for a day time snooze.


live. enjoy. repeat.

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